Sprited Away | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime

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Sprited Away

I say Spirited Away works and that successful at the box office revenues in the Ghibli movie .

Why , Spirited Away wonder was there to hit ? It ‘s must have because it was work attractive , such as go draw up layer was not a Ghibli fan until now , but the settings invite the curiosity of people psychologically has been hidden ! It is urban legend that .

Integrated with the Aburaya of Spirited Away ?

Keyword of Spirited Away is coming to drop the dirt gods of eight million is tired and facilities such as hot spring inn ” Aburaya ” thousand we work .

In fact, the secret has been hidden in this Aburaya . In fact, it seems to be the motif of the customs and Aburaya .

First of all , I would be changed to thousands of Chihiro a name to the hot water old woman when Chihiro told Aburaya first . I have been told that this is the motif of the professional name . He has been given a name in agreement with hot water old woman who is working in Aburaya .

And , let us try to note the gods of the audience . They actually is of a God of all men . God of women not visited Aburaya the play of Spirited Away . It will be because of the back set of Spirited Away again .

And , Chihiro working in Aburaya to help parents and parents would have been a pig to eat food without permission . Sometimes this relationship is that they imply that the women working in the take-over of debt of a parent in the customs of Japan . Is a guy that metaphor .

There is also an urban legend that was recognized by Hayao Miyazaki himself that there is a set back this .

Although it is icing on the cake , but there is a girl standing alone on the railroad crossing on the scene 40 minutes about 1 hour of Spirited Away . The girl that ‘s Setsuko ” Fireflies ” . Setsuko might be wandering somewhere even after the war ended .


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