LAPUTA: CASTLE IN THE SKY | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime

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Castle in the Sky is the story that was the key person theta and Pazu . (← This too is an urban legend . . , Which I read in ~ should ~ Nu Hell Teacher talking old , or something there is such as sightings in the way of Europe ) legend that Castle in the floating in the sky fantasy that is full of romance pursue .


Laputa is a super masterpiece often still a big fan Of Studio Ghibli .

There is an urban legend that the ending of the illusion is to Laputa .

It was over in a scene that theta and Pazu break up in the movie version , but the fact is there was a scene that the ending of this other than flows through the last Friday in the road show .

Ending of Castle in the Sky illusion

· I visit where Pazu lives of theta .

Theta and Pazu end is hugging each other

• The scene ends with hiding somewhere flying stone theta got .

And so on , there are various patterns . Ghibli seems to deny that there is an ending of other Castle in the Sky , but this a fact ? Or do you just a misunderstanding ?

It is urban legend that the mystery call the mystery .


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