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Final episode of Doraemon | Urban legend of Doraemon



Urban legend that there is a last round to “Doraemon” .
In fact, it is has become a vegetative state in a car accident , Nobita it was a story of a dream that Nobita saw all the story of a series of “Doraemon” .

Nobita is sleeping well in the story , implying that it continues sleeping in a vegetative state .

And in a hospital room that Nobita is hospitalized , Doraemon’nonuigurumi seemed had been placed .

This urban legend is a city legend quite famous in what was floating around in the early 1990s . 続きを読む

Is Nobita a scientist ?? | Urban legend of Doraemon



Let’s introduce ” Nobita was a scientist ” Doraemon urban legend .

Power of Doraemon ‘s battery seems to be in the body , but the battery would run out suddenly .

In an attempt to undo something about Doraemon suddenly stop working , Nobita to consult a Doramichan sister of Doraemon , but the memory of Doraemon because they’d be erased if I replace the battery Doramichan , until now I forget things .

Nobita refused to replace the battery of Doraemon .

I want to talk again with Doraemon , but because did not want to see Doraemon who have lost their memory .

Nobita change from that day .

The acutually reason why Doraemon turned blue body | Urban legend of Doraemon



It is Doraemon , which is loved by many people , but that the color of such Doraemon is blue is very famous .

Are a lot of cat -type robot Doraemon as well others, I have the color of the pieces each .

Or a yellow , it is in various Tari and a red , but for that why Tteyuu whether the blue Doraemon in such , it seems to have become an urban legend . 続きを読む

Is Yungera acutually present ??? | Urban legend of Pokemon



Some Pokemon seems are also those based on a certain theme .

To create a number of the Pokemon still , it is said that the theme setting Tteyuu said it was necessary , but there is an interesting urban legend about Yungera even in such settings .

Of that urban legend that is one Yungera that was made based on Uri Geller .

Pokemon urban legend Yungera

The named Uri Geller , albeit in person laid the one era in supernatural power , but they feel like and are made based on Uri Geller clearly if you look at the Yungera . 続きを読む

Howl’s Moving Castle | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime

Howl's Moving Castle




Introducing urban legend Ghibli movie was a big hit sometimes Takuya Kimura was the voice actor of ” Howl’s Moving Castle ” .


Howl’s Moving Castle is a story with a focus on Sophie had been turned into the figure of an old woman by the magic of the witch of wasteland and Howl of the witch . Original author Diana Wynne Jones . In fact, Howl’s Moving Castle Studio Ghibli movie is only a small part of the original .


Pokemon made ​​on the basis of the war! ? | Urban legend of Pokemon



Pokemon , what games adults and children getting involved is known as Pokemon .

Various work people have come up until now , counting from the red and green , but only that it has played for once too? Would not be many .

It’s such a popular Pokemon , but it is said to be local to the main title each have decided , it would have been made in reference to the region of somewhere in Japan .

And , it is said Hoenn region as being in reference to Kyushu , there seems to be a urban legend of one for this Hoenn region . 続きを読む

The sad story of the red Gyarados | Urban legend of Pokemon



Sad little urban legend exists in the urban legend of Pokemon .

The urban legend that of the sad Pokemon thing concerning Gyarados .

Speaking of Gyarados , which has evolved from Magikarp , it is a Pokemon that is visually imagine that does not tell from Magikarp .

The color of the Tteyuu Gyarados is in blue usually , but I there is the red Gyarados that is inside.

Why that red Gyarados in blue are many or will exist?

Sad urban legend is hidden here .

In urban legend , Magikarp had been regarded as Pokemon to save the food shortage once .

It is said of that is , because the Magikarp was a Pokemon that is suitable to grow as food .

” Talent ” and ” have to go ” | Urban legend of Doraemon

As a national animation , you have long been popular in people , first is first Doraemon .

The Doraemon , I have a vision of times .

That’s two .

” Talent ” and ” have to go ”

So, I think first , you try to write about talent .

Story is like this ↓

And Doraemon ” Nobita enters the interior of the Earth a tool such as Torinukefupu .

When we arrived , the girl was wearing a beret is , to disappear or where red envelopes handed to two people , ink , pencil . 続きを読む