Bara Bara Button | Urban legend of Doraemon



There seems to be an urban legend that is a rumor as it was not recorded among the story in the Doraemon that there is a number .

I think it that it is not recorded what became a dead issue as the story again , but it is said to be a story that apart button ‘s become urban legend and was not recorded such .

It would take the zero point in the test , which seems to start from the scene of always called Nobita beg in tears in Doraemon , but it seems to be the item that apart button that is said in the urban legend where it is to appear . 続きを読む

Nobita was a human vegetable | Urban legend of Doraemon


Let’s introduce ” Nobita human vegetable ” Doraemon urban legend .

One day , Nobita as they come home from school , there was a figure of Doraemon you have organized your luggage there.

Nobita was wondering is asked to Doraemon , space-time Law was revised for manners of our visitors from the future is bad , Doraemon also that had to be go back to the future .

Because he did not want to see that face of grieving Nobita , you are a secret until now this thing , Doraemon , he was going to return in secret while Nobita do not know .

Final episode of Ultraman mystery|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

It is a story that has been introduced in the urban legend of Cozy overkill.

At one point, it was what did we talk around final of Ultraman? Topic that is it came out. Some people I hear said, “Ultraman has expired butyrate, final episode of Ultraman to destroy the Tokyo along with the monster” he said. Of course, the final episode of Ultraman is not such a story.


Secret hidden in the place name and earthquake in Japan

Story that had been introduced in the urban legend of Cozy overkill .

That there is also a 17% probability of an earthquake of M7 or more occurs in Tokyo over the next five years . Knowing land live in whether their strong earthquake in the sense that prepare for the earthquake is very important . Damage is likely out in the case of large earthquake area ground is soft or liable to liquefaction .


Urban legend of sheep of the last

Sleeping to be counting sheep in the night watches. Would not there you’ve counted “sheep two dogs … are one animal … sheep” and sleepless nights to anyone once very famous in this story?

That there is a program that will on behalf of the the count the sheep in this certain cable broadcast. Narrator is counting sheep intently from cable broadcasting.


Investors to rumors, the curse of Studio Ghibli

Yen exchange rate and the stock market is rough work of Studio Ghibli is televised . Do you know this kind of urban legend ? ” Kiki’s Delivery Service ” , ” Spirited Away ” , ” Whisper of the Heart ” , ” My Neighbor Totoro ” Ghibli is the animation studio that is draining the anime of Japan top class .

Studio Ghibli is aired on ” Friday load SHOW ” When it comes to the timing of summer vacation , but the traders that they are people afraid front at that timing . 続きを読む

Is Rola Freemasonry member?

Or there is a variety of urban legend or from the mysterious presence roller.

One, roller Freemasonry member today?

Let me introduce the urban legend that.


Laura seemed to say that there is interest in Freemasonry for a long time. And, “urban legend too much” in (TV Tokyo), “there I Freemasonry interest” and “What’s so cute mark of Freemasonry” Cozy and too much was repeated, Freemasonry remark.


To urban legend and Komohakarigoto theory that actors other speak in the corner to introduce the urban legend of Japan in the “Special” not believe believe urban legend of the topic in the “streets depth good story of one minute life is change” is roller had a behavior which does not show any interest.


Sayama incident and My Neighbor Totoro

And Sayama incident

Is the kidnapping of a girl in 1963 , took place in Sayama City. The girl who became a victim of the Sayama incident would have been killed . And her sister becomes a state of confusion , I went to look for her sister , but she will also be killed by the perpetrators . I some ” saw the ghost of the cat ” , and ” there was a big raccoon dog ” in the words that my sister had to mouth before his death . And My Neighbor Totoro cat bus , these words are reminiscent of Totoro . 続きを読む

My Nighbor Totoro | Urban Legend of Studio Ghibli anime


Introducing urban legend masterpiece it is not an exaggeration to say that a representative of Studio Ghibli concerning “My Neighbor Totoro”.


Disappear from the middle, the shadow of Mei and Satsuki

Since the mid of the story, the shadow of Mei and Satsuki disappear. Ghibli to pursue the reality ought to have done a drawing to stick to detail, such as light and shadow, but it’s not a shadow of Mei and Satsuki also be a scene should be shadow from the middle. What does this mean? Heck? 続きを読む