Why Form U of toilet airplane ?

Is an urban legend that has been introduced in Cozy urban legend overkill. For an airplane toilet. I think that it is clear to anyone who is that you got on the airplane, the airplane toilet untimely super energy saving, it is designed to be used in ultra-saving water. And to not be able Nantes to water supply in the middle of the water course, because why are flying such as the 10,000 meters altitude. Able to carry a large amount of water, so become a burden for the airplane, yes’m made ​​of water-saving. 続きを読む

Fujiko · F · Fujio had realized the dying of their own?|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

Urban legend that Matsuwaru of Doraemon. The introduction in the urban legend JAPAN what has been introduced in the urban legend too much of fall 2013.

Author of Doraemon, Fujiko Fujio is known for was a hard worker. We believe that the work is always time except to eat and time to go to bed, and that was extinct breath on a desk in a state that held the pencil when I died. However, Fujiko Fujio’s so did not miss even a consideration for the family.


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Fujiko · F · Fujio had realized the dying of their own? |Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

The urban legend Fujiko Fujio famous author of Doraemon that do not had realized the dying of their own.


Future had been predicted by Dragon Quest had predicted|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

Urban legend contents that predict the future in national TV game Dragon Quest contains the word. It’s a 1980′s Dragon Quest to have been released, but it is predicted that in 2000 or later.


Urban legends of Oshin and Iran|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

The urban legend Hashida HisashiNoriko drama that has become very popular in Japan a few decades ago concerning “Oshin”. Average audience rating of your Shin seemed more than 90% in Iran? Oshin is ranked in the survey results ranking of presidential candidates? Introducing the contents that had been introduced in Cozy too much of fall 2013 and.

We carefully selected three talks urban legend that has been introduced in Cozy urban legend is too much. It is also expected to urban legend too much for the next!

Oshin and Iran|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

Is not an exaggeration to say that the legend of the drama of NHK, Hashida HisashiNoriko of drama is ” Oshin ” . Hero was born in poor rural areas , face bullying in place of employment , but Oshin to live strongly . Who impressed in appearance to live hard her average viewing rate at the time many of 52.6 %. This record is a record , I would be more than half of Japanese that was want to see you dead. This urban legend is a urban legend that has been introduced in the corner of the Cozy in overkill .
In fact Oshin popularity had not remained in Japan . Oshin had been aired in other countries Iran accustomed far , you died that was a big break for some reason in Iran . Iran aired at the time of Oshin was during the war , but the soldiers were watching your battle Shin earnestly Once the air time of Oshin . Average audience rating that exceeds 90 percent of the more popular urban legend that . 続きを読む

Urban legend the future was predicted by Dragon Quest part 1

Is an urban legend about the game Shuhei Shimada was introduced in the Cozy urban legend is too much of 2013.

Dragon Quest is a video game that was popular in the 1980s, but because there was no ability to save the game data to the machine of the game at the time that Dragon Quest was released, game user continues the game by entering the game machine password I had started from. For a random string of password would be a meaningless word usually, but there was also to become a sentence makes sense as it happens some of the password of Dragon Quest. What was implied in the future is present.

It is as if we had adopted the format to be entered in a dozen character hiragana this password in Dragon Quest , but that predict the future in this password Surprisingly is was there .

For example, the game can be resumed from the middle and put a password of ” I Mau beautifully it after the ice Kim ” . And , “I dance beautifully it after Mao Asada ice ” can be restarted from the middle game in this password .

This is a sentence that I do not think it only as pointing that of Mao Asada and Kim Yu Na of figure skating . In addition , those of Kim Yu Na has a higher level slightly slightly when comparing the save data of the two. Mao Asada and Kim Yu Na ‘s rival in practice , that Kim Yu Na won the Mao Asada in the previous tournament would you know .

Dragon Quest ‘s was released , it is the 1980s . Nevertheless, or rather prophecy that real that happened in 2000s

Urban legend the future was predicted by Dragon Quest part 2

I introduce further prophecy of Dragon Quest.

It is a prophecy about the Sega Dreamcast. 1980s, Dreamcast comes out in the era of the Super Nintendo still the mainstream at the time that Dragon Quest was released many years is a story of later, but the prophecy was written in the string of hiragana is the password of Dragon Quest also this.

·’s Kiyasu worst are in Sega Te Tsukiri time is

→ to be honest, it’s the worst of Sega Dreamcast. Dreamcast Sega popular is not out too much, was deprived of the popular PlayStation 2 is a fact.



Secret of Mars|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

Story and NASA Mars was introduced in urban legend Nakagawa Shoko is overkill .

Mars probe Curiosity is a spacecraft that is the study of Mars landed on Mars . Are you leading the Mars exploration it is NASA that America is proud of.

It was to investigate whether Are there any life on Mars The purpose of the maximum of the Mars Exploration Rover Curiosity .

However , NASA they’ve announced unceremoniously views to capture negatively such as methane needed for life on Mars , that there is no life on Mars . It is captured in reverse , but also to have to find something Hitakakushi on Mars .

Some experts such arrowhead , was also engaged in the Apollo program had such a remark .

It was it’s time to speak at last ” . There are two satellites , Phobos and is Dimosu on Mars . The person who was examined well because there is a huge monolith in Dimosu is good . It’s Mars rather than the month mankind to be examined ”


The true meaning of this remark ? Is it a what on earth ?


I’m shaped like a tower in black artificial object that appeared in the movie called ” 2001: A Space Odyssey ” and monolith . 4 : They become the square of an integer of the first three of nine , sequence that does not end with a three-dimensional first ratio of each side in one square pole shape .


Rumors of meteorite fall incidents in 2013|Urban Legend of Yarisugi coji (Japanese TV show)

Everyone Will stores, 2013, fall of the meteorite incident occurred in Russia. The location is near Chelyabinsk Russia. It was introduced in the urban legend urban legend about this meteorite fall too far.


Meteorite space weapons new! ?

Fierce competition of the United States and Russia to the Cold War era, showed a tense worldwide had expanded the stage into space from Earth. Zhirinovsky of the Liberal Party leader of Russia is so had to speak a meaning “nothing in meteorites, falling this incident.’s New weapon experiments with America” ​​and after the meteorite fall incident. 続きを読む